My name is Isabella. Not Isabel, and DEFINITELY not Isabela. One L is a crime. My last name is Ciardelli, don't really know if you needed to know that, but there it is in case you want to stalk me on Instagram. 

I am from a tiny coastal town in Ecuador called Bahia, (baw-ee-ah, not ba-hi-aw), which means my future was either gonna look like 1. running the family shrimp farm, or 2. just about anything else. This is just about anything else, and I am the happiest gal out there.   

(I hate shrimp)

I decided to be a copywriter not only for my love of words, but also to aid in the relentless battle against the misuse of "their, there and they're". One day we'll win, and there going to lose. Yes I know, funniest joke you've heard in a while huh?

Basically, I love to write, y aún mas si es en español. (If you didn't get that last part, it basically says I'm super awesome and nice, and that you should totally reach out). Yes, all that in such few words. Romantic languages, what can you do?


District Addy Award - Chupa

Gold Addy Award - Adidas myLadder

Gold Addy Award - Virtual Reality

Silver Addy Award - Lori

Silver Addy Award - Chupa

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