I decided to write down every quote I heard my mom say that I considered being funny and make a journal with them. 

She said a lot of things, some funny, some not so much. 

For the non-Hispanics, don't take anything our moms say to us too seriously. It's basically them telling us they love us in different ways, like for example, a chancletazo.



A slight beating performed with a flip-flop. It hurts, it leaves a mark, but it is not considered child abuse by any means. It is a demonstration of a different type of love, or so they say. 

A collection of blog posts written for a local clothing brand, Seventytwo. 

Why Seventytwo?

A question many ask. One that very few understand. Is it just a pretty number? Is it a significant year? Well, not quite. Seventytwo embodies everything our brand was created to be. A sense of comfort in your own skin, clothing in which you feel your best, your own kind of perfect. That’s it. Seventytwo degrees just so happens to be the perfect temperature your body can be in. Not too warm, not too cold, but as close to perfect as the human body can get. That word is tricky.. perfect. What does it mean? How do I get to be perfect? Most have yet to figure that word out. They use it out of context, out of reality. I say out of reality because, in reality, your perfect is created by you. When everything feels right, you are in your own state of perfection. In today’s society, in the midst of comparison and self-doubt, we forget the simple fact that no one else is like us in this world and that alone is pure perfection.


When our bodies reach that perfect temperature, the one in which we feel the most comfortable, we might not realize it, well because it is something of nature and science, and it can be impossible to really detect. Yet, we can tell exactly when we feel our best with ourselves. We can make those moments, our “72moments”. Those moments where we feel nothing can stop us. The ones where we feel invincible, superheroic, really. We feel as though everything is aligned in our favor, and we are in complete balance. We instantly get a rush of comfort. We should make all the moments we live, the perfect moments, understanding perfect is whatever it is intended to be. The good, and the (meant to teach you valuable lessons) bad. 


Seventytwo is balance. Balance of life, of love, of worth. It is a state of being, a moment in time in which we indulge in all that we are, and where we embrace our perfection as what it is, ours, and no one else's.

Quiérete, te lo mereces.

Como seres humanos, nos encontramos siempre regando todo nuestro amor por todos lados, a todos los que tenemos cerca. Pero, por alguna razón, a veces se nos olvida dejar suficiente para nosotros mismos. Valórate. Amate. Siente todo lo que eres. El amor propio es algo tan complejo, cuando en realidad debería ser algo de la naturaleza. Algo puro, sencillo, verdadero. Porque cuando cae la noche, y todo se pone en pausa, al que tienes al lado, al frente, y atrás para recogerte, es a ti mismo. Quiérete, te lo mereces.

El ser humano es algo muy valioso. Es un ser querido, es un ser bueno. En un mundo lleno de alborotos, siempre nos tenemos a nosotros. Es algo muy bonito, cuando lo piensas. Tener ese poder. El poder amar, cuidar, y por sobre todas las cosas, siempre estar. Transparente y sencilla. Así es la vida, y así hay que vivirla. Escógete siempre a ti mismo. Y, sobre todas las cosas, quiérete siempre, porque.. Pues, porque te lo mereces.

"Dichos" is a passion project that was born in an attempt to bring original quotes to life and create something daily. Also, I have a weird love for quotes, so there's that. Some are better than others, although my mom said she loved them all.



English version coming soon!

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